Cold Stars


The accounts of a boy who went for an adventure, and the wonderful things he found..

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Matthew’s debut album consists of original works of art and song, wonder and romance. Fiddle, piano and Irish Bodhrán support Matthew’s warm and sensitive style.

# Track Duration
1. Cold Stars 4:02
2. Birds and the Bees (feat. Leueen Morgan & Timothy Gleeson) 7:06
3. The Rocky Road to Dublin (feat. Timothy Gleeson) 2:30
4. Scars (feat. Anna Talbot & Timothy Gleeson) 6:12
5. The Well Below the Valley (feat. Timothy Gleeson) 4:00
6. She Will Find 3:22
7. Summer Days 4:54
8. Piano Girl (feat. Anna Talbot & Timothy Gleeson) 5:51
9. Look for Me (feat. Leueen Morgan) 4:26
10. Shine (feat. Leueen Morgan & Timothy Gleeson) 3:05
11. Where’d You Go Boyo 3:42